Leaving Cert Students React To Geography

Leaving Cert Students React To Geography

Next up on the Leaving Cert agenda this morning is Geography. A subject that most people choose for an easy exam, but then get whacked with reality and realise that they’ve made the biggest mistake and should’ve chose music.

Geography, along with Biology and History, are one of the most content filled subjects, with geography and history having a serious amount of essays to be learnt off for exams.

Spirits were low last night as Leaving Cert student were not that happy to be going in for Geography and Maths all in the one day.


It seems the Geography paper has left many mixed reviews with the Leaving Cert students, some saying it was a gorgeous paper and others claiming they're sure they failed. May be a result of good and bad predictions on their own part.




One things for sure though, you will never have to draw out another perfectly measured diagram again.

Another one down, still loads more to go. Next up, Maths Paper One. Good luck!

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Grainne Sharkey

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