Leaving Cert Students React To Irish Paper One

Leaving Cert Students React To Irish Paper One

Ar mhuin na muice! Bhí an ghrain ag scoilteadh na gcloch! Creid é nó ná creid é!

These are just a few examples of the last two years of your life preparing for Irish paper 1.

Seanfhocal after seanfhocal, aiste after aiste, you really feel like you’ll never see the end of them by the time it reaches the Leaving cert. If you don’t do well in the exams, at least you’ll know 100 different ways to describe the weather as Gaeilge!

Irish paper one is mainly just the aural part of the exam, and then you write an essay on topics like fadhb mhór idirnáisiúnta, Daoine óga, a speech you’d say if you were in the Dáil, or a made up story. These sort of essays are best learnt off, because they usually have the same sort of jist every year.

Even still, students are still expecting the SEC to trip them up and throw in a question on Jimmy, Cáca Milis, or have them recite a sraith pictiúr in the middle of the exam.

It seems the Irish exam went well anyway, with many people delighted with how it went, having some student friendly essay topics!




And of course, there's always them few who may not have had the same experience.

Paper 2 tomorrow! Comprehensions, fillíocht, and prós. Good luck.

Grainne Sharkey

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