Lena Dunham Has Released A New Book For Charity...

This morning Lena Dunham released a suprise book called Is it evil not to be sure? The new book is made up of a collection of diary entries or “Creative Snippets and Observations Journal” as she prefers to call it. Dunham said in an interview with Buzzfeed that while recovering form surgery she stumbled upon her journals from 2005/2006 on a hard drive.


She said that while part of her was mortified, she was struck by how misguided she was in the journals and how she was proud of herself for keeping such a detailed and accurate record of that timeDescribed as “a candid, chaotic, and occasionally poetic snapshot of a young person becoming an adult,” the book is available to buy on Kindle. Proceeds from the book will go to 'Girls Write Now', a New York writing and mentoring foundation for girls. Yep, it's all happening for Lena...



Video: Lena Dunham's Most Awkward Moments on Girls | The Buzz

Credit: POPSUGAR Entertainment

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