Lies That Guys Tell Girls On A Night Out

Guys tend to fabricate the little details when they meet a girl on a night out. Some lies are bigger than others, so it's best to try to keep them from her as long as possible. Some are just slight exaggerations of the truth so its not a bombshell when she finds out. It is best to make up things that won't come back and bite you in the ass. Here are the lies that guys tell girls on a night out.

12) What age they are

Adding  a couple of years to your age shouldn't do too much harm, but if a guy has a real baby face, it might be hard to convince a girl that they're 28 when they're really 18.

11) Where they are  from

You don't want a girl thinking that you're  from a disadvantaged area so you try to think of all the posh areas you know like Blackrock, Dalkey or Malahide. It won't really match up though when you sound as if your from the inner city.


 10) Their ethnic background

If a guy says he is half Spanish he will automatically go up in a girls estimation. Guys go a step further and name a nationality and put a percentage beside it "I'm 20% French, 30% Italian, 40 % Spanish and only 10% Irish". In reality your half Dub and half culchie that's it.

9) Where they work

They will always just name some firm that you have never heard of and say that they are the managing director. They have to make it sound like they actually have some authority. Anything is better than saying that you stay at home doing nothing and  you're on the dole.


8) Where they live

You never want to say that you're still living at home, so you say that you're living in an apartment with a couple of mates. If you do happen to get lucky and take her home it will be interesting having her meet your "roommates".

7) What they studied in college

If you did some form of science you're in luck, because even the mention of Theoretical Physics or Microbiology will make her change the subject. For Art students its better just to name your majors to make it sound like you didn't just waste 3 years of your life.


 6) How much they can drink

"I'm on my tenth pint and I still don't feel anything", Yeah right, your wasted and you know that if you have another one  you're going to get sick on her. So you spend the rest of the night sipping on the pint you have.

5) What their friends are like

" Ah their great craic, once you get to know them",. You try to stay clear of them in the club while you're with a girl, because you know they will completely ruin anything you had going.


4) How great their family is

When a girl brings up  anything to do with family, guys will always paint a wonderful picture of their own family. They always say there parents are so supportive and that their little brother or sister is an angel. Really, they will do everything in their power to stop you're from meeting their crazy family.

3) How they have a sensitive side

Girls always love to see a guy that is in some way in touch his sensitive side. Usually, a guy will say they like rom coms, nature and animals. In reality, the closest they have come to being sensitive is liking a picture of a cute cat on Facebook.


2) That they know how to drive

Technically, they didn't say that they actually drive so when she eventually finds out she can't get mad at you. It will be embarrassing though down the line when she keeps asking you for lifts and you say that your car is getting serviced.

1) That they have plans for the future

Girls like it when a guy is motivated and knows where they are going in life. For most guys they are just meandering through life, still hoping they can become what they wanted to be when they were a kid. Whether it's an astronaut, an actor or a spy, guys never really grow up.

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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.

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