Lose-Lose Situations We Deal With In Our Daily Lives

Ya win some, ya lose some. But in these situations, being Irish, you never win. It feels kind of like this:

Here are a few lose-lose situations we always get stuck in.

1) Having Money


Ireland, a nation of begrudgers, frowns upon individual, financial success. If you dare to spend your hard earned money on anything but drinks, you're labelled as a show-off. If you decide to save said hard-earned cash for a rainy day, you're a tight b*****d. Buy a round for Christ sake.


2) The Weather


It's always "too whatever." There's always something that's annoying you about the weather. It's too cold, too cloudy, too wet, too hot. It's too warm in a jacket but it's too cold without one. Can't win.

3) Going On The Tear



Damned if you do, damned if you don't. If you do go on a bender, it's guaranteed to leave you full of regret and the Fear for days/weeks/months on end. If you don't go out, you will 100% miss out on something amazing happening. We know it, you know it. You just have to balance what you'll miss against how bad your Fear can get.


4) Applying For Your First Job


Goes a little like this:

-"Oh, you want a job? Have you got any experience?"


-"Fuck off and get some then."

*Not how job interviews actually go*

Your only option here is to go and volunteer or look for an internship. For no money. Chalk it down as another loss.


5) Having A Career Plan


Con: Having a plan for your future that can blow up in your face if you a) don't stick to it or b) fail at it

The other con: Not having a plan for your future and constantly being asked: "What do you want to do?"

PLS I don't know I'm still reading Harry Potter again.

Tom Quinn
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