How Many Of These Cyber Crimes Have You Been A Part Of?

How Many Of These Cyber Crimes Have You Been A Part Of?

Put your hands on your head and step away from the computer.

Piracy tracking company MUSO has just released some information about HBO show Game Of Thrones. According to the company, the latest season of the award winning fantasy show was pirated more than a billion times in total.

Piracy has become so prevalent in the entertainment industry that studios are buying shows based off how many times it has been illegally downloaded.

This comes off the back of the news that the Mayweather Vs McGregor boxing match was the subject of widespread illegal streaming. Irdeto, a digital platform security company, identified 239 illegal streams of the fight, and says they were watched by approximately 2,930,598 people.

Torrent Freak also has a regular column keeping track of the 10 most downloaded films of the week. Here's this weeks list, see if you're guilty of any of these indiscretions:

  1. The Hitman's Bodyguard
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. The Mummy
  4. Despicable Me 3
  5. Baywatch
  6. Guardians Of The Galaxy
  7. It Comes At Night
  8. Spider Man: Homecoming
  9. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword
  10. The Osiris Child

The Premier League is also set to crack down on illegal streams of their matches. They recently obtained a high court order which means that Internet Service Providers must block the IP addresses of any site found to be illicitly streaming Premier League matches. The Order is in effect for the entire season ahead. It was also in effect for the final two months at the end of last season, and the League claim they blocked more than 5,000 IP addresses found to be streaming illegally in that time.


Premier League Director of Legal Services Kevin Plumb said the order will allow them to effectively tackle illegal streams:

This blocking Order is a game-changer in our efforts to tackle the supply and use of illicit streams of our content, It will allow us to quickly and effectively block and disrupt the illegal broadcast of Premier League football via any means, including so called 'pre-loaded Kodi boxes'.

I think it's a safe bet that readers of College Times are guilty of downloading/streaming at least one of these shows. God knows I am.

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