The 7 Different Lads You'll Come Across On Tinder

The 7 Different Lads You'll Come Across On Tinder

Have you matched with any of these men on Tinder? No doubt their profiles will have cropped up at some stage.

1. The Selfie Dude

If he was a jar of Nutella he'd eat himself. A regular on the Tinder scene, this fella has so many selfies on the go (same day, different angles) you're left thinking maybe he just doesn't have any mates.

Nah he just loves himself.

2. The Gym Selfie Dude

Like the selfie dude, except his photos are taken when he's shirtless in the gym or in front of a mirror

3. The Traveller


His impressive collection of travel photos makes you think, oooh this guy will be an interesting one? But then you cop he's pissed in half of them and his trip looks like an extended version of a Stags.

Photo beside a tiger - standard.

4. The Lad With All The Friends Pictures

There's a hot guy and another one.

He's usually the other one.

5. The 'She's My Niece' Bloke


We get it you're great with kids, we still don't want you to father ours thanks.

6. The Inspirational Quotes Guys

Smell of Oscar Wilde off this fella. Swipe left.

7. The One Pic Bloke

Smell of catfish off this fella! Swipe left.

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