'10,000 Empty Cans' - Could This Be The Messiest Apartment In Dublin?

'10,000 Empty Cans' - Could This Be The Messiest Apartment In Dublin?

In the book of Genesis, Lot's wife was turned into a pillar of salt for turning to look back at Sodom; in North Dublin a landlord has had his flat turn into a sea of empty cans after presumably not looking back over a tenant's previous rental history.

A Dublin landlord, calling the Joe Duffy show on RTÉ, was horrified to discover that a flat he had been letting out was positively swarming with empty beer cans. Oodles of the pricks, 10,000 of the cylindrical bell-ends to be exact; from floor to ceiling, everywhere you looked was cans. Remember that bit in Harry Potter where they go to Bellatrix Lestrange's vault in Gringott's and all the jewellery and treasure, once disturbed, starts exponentially multiplying starting what must be one of the most affluent avalanches in history; this is like that, except with cans, so evidently far better.

The 10,000 discarded cans left in the vacated property were mostly Carling, Karpackie and, aptly, Tenants. Most of the furnishings were buried beneath this thick carpet of aluminium pipes and the landlord reported that some of the cans even contained urine. Though, to be fair, given the extremely low quality of a lot of the lager we're talking about, this may have just been some beer left in a can.

The whole thing seems like an episode of that preposterous TLC show Hoarding: Buried Alive or like some magpie with an alcohol dependency issue lived there. Or perhaps it is the setting for a can based version of much-beloved but oft forgotten Discovery Channel marvel, Scrapheap Challenge, where the only implements the teams are given is an apartment full to the gills with cans.


Know anyone who lives in a similar manner?

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Rory McNab

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