New RTE Show Is Seeking Singles And Their Parents To Find Them Love

New RTE Show Is Seeking Singles And Their Parents To Find Them Love

Over the past decade, we have seen every sort of format for dating shows. Gone are the simpler times of Blind Date with Cilla Black and "Surprise, surprise it's Cilla here". Now, there's First Dates, Love Island, Naked Attraction, The Undateables and Dating Around to name but a few titles. Just when we thought we heard every possible dating show format, they throw us a new one.

RTE is currently seeking participants for a new dating show with the excellent working title of "Pulling with my Parents". They are looking for young adults who are sick to the teeth of the world of modern dating. If you have been ghosted more times than you care to admit or are a victim of the latest modern dating trend 'cloaking', or extreme ghosting, whereby you get stood up and simultaneously blocked and removed from all social accounts, then read on.

After years of telling your parents to stay out of your love life, you will go back to basics and allow them to interfere to attempt to set you on the right path. Parents will also be allowed to hijack their sons or daughters social media accounts including dating apps and give them a makeover they see fit. The days of your parents marrying you off along with your dowry to a neighbour with good road frontage are well and truly behind us. That been said, parents may bring another perspective on your love life and the kind of person you should be dating. You never know there could be some successful matches from this new dating show. At the very least, the plot will make some seriously entertaining viewing.



If you are comfortable with the limelight and are willing to lay your love life bare then you can send an application explaining why you're right for the show to the e-mail address '[email protected]' or apply here.

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