New Tinder Style App Based On Your Intentions

So everyone knows what Tinder is by now, and if you don't - you're clearly in a solid relationship and you can stop reading now. This new app is, like Tinder, based on your location but unlike Tinder, allows you to be clear on your intentions.

It's always a bit awkward when you go on a Tinder daye and one person is clearly only up for the no pants dance while the other has already picked the first dance song for the wedding. This app removes that chance of awkwardness and let's you both get right down to it... whatever 'it' is for you.

Users can swipe up for "Heavenly," to find a serious commitment, or swipe down for "Sinful," to find a something more casual. Your mood (heavenly or sinful) is kept anonymous until there's a match. Once two people's intentions (and interest) are a match, they can chat with stickers, voice and video messages.


Users can also upload a profile video to create a lasting first impression, give a glimpse into their personality, and provide dynamic ways to interact.

A moodmap lets users see what's happening in their 'hood and reveals real-time Heavenly and Sinful feelings of nearby users. The moodmap does not reveal user's name or exact location.

Heavenly Sinful is available now in the App Store on iTunes. Click here for more info.

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