50 Things Every Guy Has On His Phone

In this new age of technology, it seems like our whole life is on charge. It's amazing what Smartphones are capable of these days - a man's whole life revolves around it. Here's 50 things every guy has on his phone. There may be a few surprises!

1. A sneaky naked picture of his ex.

2. A discrete Tinder account.

3. The instagram app he uses purely for creeping on his phone.

4. A Whatsapp group with his separate groups of friends.

5. FACEBOOK! (You just can't get away from it)

6. Late night messages from an ex girlfriend.

7. A sweet text from his nanny congratulating him on passing his exams.

8. An embarrassing video of himself singing or dancing.

9. The most frustratingly addictive game in the world - Flappy Bird!

10. Videos of a recent gig he went to.

11. An embarrassing meme he has created of his best friend.

12. A bitchy group Viber conversation about his whipped friend.

13. His phone internet history that he hopes will never be discovered.

14. Drunken texts he doesn't remember sending.

15. An old version of Angry Birds.

16. HUNDREDS of cutsie texts to his girlfriend that he can never let his friends see!

17. Shazam - to get the name of that song he can't quite place!

18. YouTube for all his video needs.

19. A photo of his drunken friend John doing something incredibly inappropriate.

20. Hailo app for whenever he's lost and needs a ride home.

21. A sly dick-pic he may or may not have sent to someone.

22. A hidden GPS tracker from his crazy girlfriend.

23. His bestest fwends on speed dial.

24. The SoundCloud app for keeping up-to-date with his favourite artists.

25. An online newspaper app that he never uses.

26. A massive argument with numerous curses with the girl he's seeing.

27. Swiftly followed by sycophantic, suck-up apology messages.

28. Snapchat of course!

29. Twitter to catch up on the gossip.

30. A funny video of his friend over-indulging in Bob Marley's favourite plant.

31. Google Maps - what did we ever do without it?!

32. A Grindr app that nobody but he knows about.

33. LiveScores app to check all the football scores (obviously)

34. A Paddy Power account - sports betting a the touch of a finger! (Now you can lose your money even quicker)

35. A selfie video of himself when he was highly intoxicated.

36. Numerous photos from his lads holiday unsuitable for Facebook.

37. A downloaded porn flick that he forgot to delete.

38. A Father Ted trivia game.

39. A sports trivia app to test his friends.

40. 8 missed calls from his mother wondering where he is.

41. A LinkedIn account which he will never open.

42. A text message from his boss asking him why he's two hours late for work.

43. A Facebook invitation to Meow Chat, Farmville or some other ridiculous app.

44. A couple of incriminating screenshots from his best friend's Snapchat.

45. A drunken text to his ex girlfriend asking if she wants the D, which received no reply.

46. A hilarious Google history that he hopes no one will ever see.

47. The number of some girl from last night who he simply saved as "hot girl."

48. FaceTime to keep in touch with his friends overseas.

49. The Sky Sports News app - be rude not to.

50. Sickipedia - for all his sick, offensive and slightly racist jokes.

Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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