NFL: Brady Inspires Incredible Comeback

NFL: Brady Inspires Incredible Comeback

A must see for any sports fan. As American football rises in popularity, this is yet another great advertisement for the sport, in a season that has served up some incredible upsets. The Bronco's took an amazing 24-0 lead in New England before this happened..

After the Broncos took a commanding 24-0 lead, the Patriots began to rally, but not without a few anger management issues...





Even one camera man let the occasion get the better of him...



So, this game leaves the Broncos tied at 9-2 with the Chiefs at the top of the AFC and allows the Patriots back in the race for the title. Let us know your thoughts on this extraordinary game. Did Peyton choke in the cold (again) Or was Brady simply on another level? Tweet @matdinho or @sport_ct with your opinion and tune in tomorrow for Matt's preview of game week 13.

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