NFL Preview: Week 11

This week, Matt takes a look at some playoff hopefuls, as well as the Superbowl likely candidates and the usual weekend predictions. We're over the halfway hump and for some teams, it's high time they hit form and put a series of results together.

Superbowl Contenders

Kansas City Chiefs, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks.

As it stands, the AFC West and the conference as a whole is between Denver and Kansas City. While many pundits feel as if it's only a matter of time before the Chiefs crumble, they're due credit, as they are still the only unbeaten side in the league. Denver have been formidable on offence and boast the league's probable MVP in Peyton Manning.
The Patriots can be quietly confident at 7-2. They don't offer the best offence or the best defence, but Brady is playing out of his skin and they look likely to walk their division at this point. In the NFC, the Saints and the Seahawks have been the only real consistent teams. The Seahawks defence is as impressive as it was last year, when they only narrowly missed out behind San Francisco and Atlanta.

Playoff Hopefuls 

Indianapolis Colts, Cincinnati Bengals, San Diego Chargers, New York Jets, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles

The NFC East isn't much to shout about. That said, any one of four teams could still win it, including the Giants and the 'Skins. The Eagles and the Cowboys look more likely to edge towards that title though and at 5-5 respectively, that's by no means a given.
The NFC north boasts a similar situation as Detroit, Green Bay and Chicago are all in contention. Chicago can't seem to keep a consistent quarterback in the side and Green bay have lost Rodgers, so don't be surprised to see Detroit take the crown.
The Colts and the Bengals look like they should wrap up their divisions but the wildcards are very much up for grabs in the AFC. The Jets and the Chargers look like they could make it, although San Diego still have tough games with Denver and Kansas City to go.
The Panthers may be the league's surprise package this year. They're 6-3 and their defence is showing up week in, week out. It's between them and a host of others to make the remaining four spots in the NFC playoffs their own.


Still not dead

New York Giants, Arizona Cardinals, Tenesse Titans, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens.

These franchises are not buried yet. Expect a few more twists and turns between now and the new year. As mentioned before, the NFC East is still wide open and it wouldn't be a total shock if the Giants carried some momentum through these next few weeks to knock the others off their perch. The Cardinals have got an OK schedule to finish with, while the Titans, Dophins and Ravens can't seem to play with any real consistency each week.

Week 11 Predictions

Colts - Titans : Colts bounce back from humiliation last week (Watch Preview Below)
Lions - Steelers : Lions continue to roar
Falcons - Buccs : Falcons regain some pride
Cardinals - Jaguars : Cardinals stake claim for playoff chance
Redskins - Eagles : Crucial game in NFC East keeps Chip Kelly's side in contention
Raiders - Texans : Texans home win against average Raiders
Ravens - Bears : Bears keep Ravens down and NFC North stays interesting
Jets - Bills : Jets stay on fridge of the AFC playoffs
Browns - Bengals : Bengals came close last week and perhaps should've seen off Baltimore. Browns come up short
Chargers - Dolphins : Dolphins imploding, while Chargers stay in the hunt
Vikings - Seahawks : Seahawks continue their surge towards the Superbowl
Packers - Giants : Green Bay have lost  their last two games with New York, no Rodgers and momentum with Big Blue
Niners - Saints : Close call but Saints have too much in the tank for Harbaugh's side
Chiefs - Broncos : Reality bites for Chiefs? 
Patriots - Panthers : Another close game. A rested New England to get a big road win

Colts @ Titans Preview

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