NFL Preview: Week 15

Three games to go before the play-offs and with the weather coming into play, it's becoming increasingly difficult to call these games, BUT I WILL TRY.

Some notable moments from week 14: Dolphins winning in the snow, four touchdowns in two minutes in Baltimore and of course, Peyton leading the Broncos to an impressive 51 points in the cold, which he doesn't play well in. If week 14 if is anything to go by, we're in for another doozy.

San Diego 21-34 Denver (Thursday night @ 1am, Sky Sports)

Another home game for Denver in presumably cold weather. Phillip Rivers and his merry men made easy work of the Giants on Sunday, but I think the other Manning will have the last laugh this Thursday night. Welker is set to miss the game, so for those fantasy players with Decker, you may get another good week.

Philadelphia 28 - 17 Minnesota

Adrian Peterson out and Cassel to play QB again. The Vikings haven't been bad in the past few weeks but they're still finding ways to lose games. In stark contrast, the Eagles have been brilliant offensively and are improving on defence. Foles threw his first interception in sub zero conditions on Sunday, but I wouldn't expect that again. Road win for the home of the cheese steak.


San Francisco 31-13 Tampa Bay

The Niners did the seemingly impossible and beat the Seahawks on Sunday. This didn't come as a surprise to me and I believe they're one of very few teams who could visit the pacific north west and get a win. Furthermore, they're very capable of travelling to Tampa for a win. Certainly a team to watch in January.

New England 21-20 Miami (Sunday @ 5.30pm, Sky Sports)

On Sunday, both of these teams overcame the odds. New England lost their star tight end in Gronkowski but still came back to beat the Browns in the last minute. Miami went to Pittsburgh and got an unlikely win, although Antonio Brown's left foot could've changed that all too easily. While neither team are playing spectacular football, New England are the team that continuously get unlikely wins and I think they'll edge another here.

Seattle 36-17 New York Giants


Seattle to bounce back with a long journey win. New York may look to give some rookies a game on Sunday, since they're mathematically out of the race for the playoffs now. Seattle have clinched their spot but will want to ensure the number one seed. The Giants have done well stopping the run, so expect Wilson to throw some deep balls on Sunday.

Buffalo 10-17 Jacksonville

While they're not putting up huge numbers, the Jags have got their season on track somewhat recently, largely due to the trick plays with Maurice Jones Drew. Another home win and another good week for pocket hercules.

Washington 17-24 Atlanta

Rumour has it that RG3 is going to be rested on Sunday. With Shanahan is deliberately trying to get fired so he can get another job, this falls into Atlanta's lap. Matt Ryan has maintained some dignity, despite the Falcon's poor season.

Chicago 20-13 Cleveland


Chicago made the Cowboys looks more average than usual on Monday night and despite the short turnover between games, I expect them to get a crucial road win against the Browns this week. Bears are keeping up with the Lions and McGowan has Cutler looking for another job, maybe in Cleveland?

Houston 10-17 Indianapolis

The Texans lost their coach and with the exception of JJ Watt, haven't had much to appreciate this year. A first pick in the draft will be on their minds and the Colts are still playing for their seed in the playoffs. While they haven't been impressive these past few weeks, they're still too much for Houston.

New York Jets 20-24 Carolina

The Panthers haven't had the toughest schedule this year, so you'd be forgiven for being sceptical about them, in spite of their record. That said, their defence is one of the best in the league and they're at home. Ryan got the home win and maybe reinvigorated Geno Smith a bit in week 14. Just not enough for a road win in Carolina.

Kansas City 31-24 Oakland


The Chiefs are slipping under the radar since their three loss streak. They went into Washington on Sunday and got an easy win. This week, they're out west with another trip and they face the Raiders. I can't see past the Chiefs for this and who knows, maybe it's good that the attention isn't on their team now. If they can win their next three games, we have a hot team come January.

Green Bay 31-30 Dallas (Sunday @ 9.30pm, Sky Sports)

Aaron Rodgers back and a god awful Dallas defence should see another week of disappointment for the Cowboys. I can see this game going close, purely because of the Romo/Bryant/ Witten threat. While the Cowboys offence is exciting at times, Rodgers should have a field day on their defence on his return to the team.

Arizona 24-14 Tennessee

Another big win against the Rams has Arizona on the fringes of the playoff picture. The Titans were made fools of in Denver and I'm not sure Ryan Fitzpatrick or his team have enough in the tank to see off Larry Fitzgerald and co. Even at home.


New Orleans 38-17  St. Louis

As soon as New Orelans lose a match, people write them off. But they lost in Seattle and quite frankly, with the exception of San Francisco or maybe Green Bay on form, I can't see anyone going into their house and getting a win. Fast forward two weeks and the Saints visit the Rams, coming off the back of a home loss to Arizona. It doesn't get any easier when the big easy rolls into town.

Cincinnati 28-24 Pittsburgh (Sunday/Monday @ 1am, Channel 4)

Big Ben has been one of the best QBs in the past six weeks. He was unlucky not to beat the Dolphins and the Bengals are an altogether better side than most teams in the AFC, including Miami. The Bengals are only one game ahead of the Colts, so they'll want to keep winning to avoid the Chiefs in the wildcards. Better yet, they could still catch the Pats for the second seed.

Baltimore 20-24 Detroit (Monday @ 1am, Eurosport)

Detroit went into Philly and lost in the snow. Baltimore hosted the Vikings and with an incredible ending, beat them. Both sides are used to the conditions, so they have no excuses this week. I think, although the Ravens have been impressive to get to where they are now, having lost so many big players after the sSperbowl, Detroit pose more of a threat and at home, should see off this tough competition. They'll need to because the Packers and Bears are right on their tail. Lets hope for more of this:

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