A Comprehensive List Of Old Woman Names

A Comprehensive List Of Old Woman Names

You can tell a lot from a name. One of the things you can tell is their age, there are just some names that stick out as 'elderly'. Here's a list of the most senior female monikers.

1. Judith

Judith is a spinster knitting cardigans above a newsagents.

2. Eleanor

Eleanor still remembers when TV was black and white.

3. Mary

Albeit a popular one, Mary is nevertheless an old woman name. We all know a Mary from down the road that's always giving us buns.


4. Geraldine

Geraldine remembers the Rising.

5. Ursula

I don't know any Ursulas under the age of forty, do you?

6. Ruth

I don't know any Ruths under the age of eighty, do you?


7. Martha

Martha, Martha, Martha. Enough said.

8. Dorothy

Dorothy is a former estate agent that has taken to the wine in her retirement.

9. Jacinta

Jacinta was an old name even back in it's pomp.


10. Bernadette

Bernadette is the name of a nun. An old nun.

11. Kathleen

Doesn't own a computer. She's only just got the hang of a mobile.

12. Deborah

Deborah voted for De Valera.


13. Carmel

Carmel is the most 'mammy' name ever. Imagine naming your chap 'Carmel', you'd get the baby home and she'd already be asking if you wanted her to do you up a sandwich.

14. Philomena

Philomena. Another one of those cases where a father called Phil was expecting a boy, got a girl and went "Well I'm still naming her Phil...o...mena".

15. Nora

Nora was born when she was sixty. In a thatched cottage. In Longford.

16. Betty

Betty always wears an apron. Even to funerals.

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Eoin Lyons

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