Things Only People With Unique Names Will Understand

1. You have a mild panic attack when a restaurant hostess asks for your name.

Every. Time.

2. You immediately put your hand up as soon as there is a pause in the roll at school.

The silence where the teacher is trying to sound it out becomes your name.

3. You still get birthday cards from your extended family with your name spelled wrong.


Really? Yes, every year.

4. People on Facebook continuously spell your name wrong even when it is listed mere inches from the comment box.

Seriously people? WTF.

5. People actually ask you if you are a foreigner.


There is no reason to ask this question. Ever.

6. When giving your name, you just automatically spell it out of habit.

7. You repeatedly get asked why your parents gave you “that name.” Because they didn’t know I would be answering stupid questions about it the rest of my life.



8. Literally 95% of your post is spelled wrong.

9. You’ve had to redo, reapply or resubmit official documents because your name is spelled wrong.

More than once.


10. You take extra care to spell people’s names right and take it personally when others do not.

Just once people.

11. It actually makes your day when a stranger pronounces your name correctly.

Somebody does care!


12. People actually question if you have misspelled your own name.

Let me think back… em no.

13. Name tags give you nightmares.

Especially if you can’t write your own name. The horror.


14. When wearing said nametag people still call you “hey you!”

I can’t hear you… la la la.

15. You have given up correcting people, but you keep a running list and misspell their name at the next opportunity.

You’ve been invited Pjennifer!

16. You will never name your children, dogs, fish or stuffed animals anything weird.

You don’t need that kind of confusion in your life.

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