The Only Pancake Tuesday Recipes You Need

Pancake Tuesday has to be one of the greatest days ever - you can fully eat pancakes all the live long day without judgement. Go to the shops this evening, get all of these ingredients and surprise your housemates. They will be indebted to you for a full year.

Peanut Butter & Jam Pancakes

These pancakes are smothered with melted peanut butter and a jam topping. That’s the good kind of smothering. Mmmm.  (Recipe)

Venezuelan Chocolate Pancakes

When the term “mouth watering” was coined, this had to have been the image referenced. Uh-mazing. Adding grated chocolate to the pancake batter and making chocolate sauce for a topping? We’re definitely not in breakfast anymore, Dorothy. (Recipe)


Vanilla Yogurt Pancakes

Want to know what secret ingredient will get you pancakes yo-go nuts over? This recipe details how to create a small, light, and fluffy batch of pancakes that have a nice tangy taste thanks to the unexpected addition of vanilla yogurt. (Recipe)

Smashed Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Pancakes

Joy the Baker says these pancakes fit into a very specific category of breakfast: breakfast dessert. We say: Bring. It. On.  A simple combination of buttermilk, melted butter, chocolate chunks, and fresh raspberries means something very special for Pancake Tuesday. (Recipe)


Red Velvet Pancakes

If you’re in the know, the term “red velvet” just makes you think “red food dye.” This gorgeous stack is achieved naturally, using blackberries or raspberries, and it’s gluten-free to boot.  (Recipe)

Apple Cider Doughnut Pancakes

This gluten-free recipe results in fluffy pancakes with a faint apple taste and enough cider-y sweet. Pancakes AND booze in one...  (Recipe)


Nutella Pancakes

Need we say more? Nutella. Pancakes. Syrup and strawberries optional. What else is there to know?  (Recipe)

Apple Pancakes

An apple a day will keep the dentist away, so when you shred them and throw them into a pancake batter, you’re really making a healthy choice. Sprinkling them with powdered sugar prior to drizzling them in maple syrup is highly recommended… (Recipe)


Lemon Blueberry Pancakes

Get your 5-a-day by following this recipe and eliminate some of the guilt...(Recipe)

Pancake Batter Dripped French Toast

Ok... So technically not a pancake per se but my God, ifthere's one day a year you can make these - it's Pancake Tuesday. (Recipe)

 Send us in pictures of your pancakes tomorrow - you might be Crepe Of The Week!

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