Paris Hilton Might Be The Highest Paid DJ In The World

Those who are a bit short on money at the moment, budding DJs trying to break into the music industry, heck, even the top paid DJs in the world should look away now....

Apparently, Paris Hilton made close to $3 million for just four nights of work as a DJ. She actually made $2.7 million for four DJ sets, which comes out to $347,000 an hour.

In terms you and I can understand, that's a fuck load of money... It's at this point that I just shrug my shoulders and just accept the fact that sometimes, life isn't fair and I should just get over it...



I think Elite Daily might have summed it up the best though...

Some people have accused Paris of doing little more than just pressing play on a pre-made playlist. But that’s kind of what DJs do.

It’s insane to think that she’s raking in so much cash for doing so little. But that’s also kind of what heiresses do.

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