Patrick Bateman Trolls Girls On Tinder

This guy is trolling girls on Tinder, talking to them purely using quotes from the film "American Psycho." Novelty Tinder accounts never get old, and this Patrick Bateman themed profile is just fantastic. We can see why some girls would be creeper out if they're not familiar with the movie.

Excellent movie. Excellent prank!

1) Alexandra is genuinely excited and up for a date with Pat.

2. Niamh doesn't approve of Pat's love of Huey Lewis and The News.


3. Let's give Wirginia some credit; she was the only girl who called the American Psycho references.

4. Here Pat tries to impress Bethany by telling her he can get them reservations at any restaurant.


5. Nicole catches a glimpse of how insane Patrick Bateman is, but she still pursues him.

6. Kim loves Pat's legs, but doesn't appreciate his abrupt personality very much.

7. Finally this. Pat probably takes it a bit far here, but it's a memorable movie quote alright.

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