The Return To Work Has People Finding Humour In Their Misery

The Return To Work Has People Finding Humour In Their Misery

This day was bound to come.

Despite all the leftover sandwiches and days in the pub, the return to work was always lurking around the corner, preying on your weaknesses.

The year hasn't even really began, yet we must return to our desks and attempt to recall how to do our jobs.

Of course, amidst all this misery comes a prime opportunity for humour. If you could utilise moaning as a fuel, we could power this world for eternity.

Alas, we can't, so we're forced to shout into voids like Twitter in order to tell people that we actually just can't cope. The #backtowork hashtag on Twitter has been rinsed today, so we're going to take a peak at some of the highlights.

I reckon, for times like this in the future, we might invest in Hugo Gernsback's 'The Isolator'. Considering today is full of distractions, 'The Isolator' is exactly what a lot of us need.


This pooch knows the vibes, for two weeks the alarm remained silent and now it has come back with a vengeance. Only one thing to do in these troubled times.

The brain takes a while to get going, especially considering it hasn't had to do anything for two weeks. Forgetting passwords, names and where you work is completely understandable.

Here's Irn Bru trying to muscle in on our misery, letting us know that January 2nd is a bank holiday in Scotland. Irn Bru is mugging us off and laughing at our misfortune.


But, let's not dwell on fizzy drinks trying to laugh at our pain. Rather, let's delve into a spot of poetry. Brian Bilston pens this touching ode to post-New Year's office chit-chat, although it doesn't go entirely as you might expect.

Of course, today only seems bad to those of us who've spent the Christmas period dossing. For those working in emergency services, retail and other service jobs, they've had little-to-no time off at all.

So, before you dive into your #backtowork moan, spare a thought for those who never left in the first place.


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Sean Meehan

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