'Will You Meet Me Mate?' 7 Times Irish Teens Got The Shift Back In the Day

'Will You Meet Me Mate?' 7 Times Irish Teens Got The Shift Back In the Day

Before the likes of tinder and bumble, we had to meet people the old fashioned way. Back in the day, Irish teens who were looking for the shift couldn't hit up pubs and nightclubs and we could hardly bring someone home either. Nope we had to get creative and think outside the box. These were some of the most common places Irish teens got the shift.

1. The disco

Future romance novels will surely written about the Irish teenage disco circa 2005. When reading, you might find timeless quotes such as 'My mate wants to know will you meet me?' and rumours circulating about couples going 'all the way.'

2. The Gaeltacht

How many of you had your first shift at the Gaeltacht? You may have even met the man of your dreams there and spent the rest of the year broken-hearted, distraught at the thoughts of never seeing him again.



3. Behind the prefab

If you were getting the shift behind the prefab, it would be arranged in advance by your mates. They might even tag along for moral support. A quick shift and you'd head home for the dinner.


4. On your holidays

You probably didn't get the shift on your holibops in fairness - you just pretended you did. 'Are you a frigid?' 'No, I met someone on my holidays.


5. During a game of truth or dare

The dare was almost ALWAYS a shift with someone. Your truth was usually who would you like to shift.


6. A field

Your mam thought you were staying in a friends house but on Friday nights you were knacker drinking in a field. And that usually led to lots of shifting. Someone shouting sketch when the guards came along more often than not cut the night short.

7. The park

Much like the field, the park was a regular haunt for drinking a naggin and getting the shift. True romance at its finest.


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