16 Iconic Songs That Were Played At Every Irish 'Teen Disco'

16 Iconic Songs That Were Played At Every Irish 'Teen Disco'

For most of us, teenage discos felt like the start of something big. It's where the majority of us had our first shift, got far too locked and got brought to the drunk room and pretended to be sober when our parents asked how the night went. Each week the disco, no matter how rotten it was, had one thing that kept us going back - the tunes.

We've decided those tunes need a serious ranking and we feel like we might be the ones up for the job. Here are the first 16 songs of 31 that made our teenage selves feel euphoric on a Friday night and will tickle your nostalgia...glands?:

31. ATC - 'All Around The World (la la la la la la la la)'

30. Uniting Nations - 'Out Of Touch'


29. Alexandra Stan - 'Mr Saxobeat'

28. Las Ketchup - 'The Ketchup Song'


27. Danzel - 'Pump It Up'

28. Eiffel 65 - 'I'm Blue'


27. Dragostea Din Tei - 'O-Zone'

25. Donk - 'I Need A Miracle'


24. Alice DJ - 'Better Off Alone'

23. Benny Benassi - 'Satisfaction'


22. Supermode - 'Tell Me Why'

21. Eric Prydz - 'Call On Me'


19. Klubbhoppers - 'Buddy Joe'

18. Dj Cammy - 'Country Roads'


17. Dj Tiesto - 'Touch Me'

16. Modjo - 'Lady (Hear Me Tonight)'

Dont worry, there's more absolute tunes you need to remember in our next installment. We'll reveal the best 15 songs from Irish teen discos of all time.

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