23 Pros and Cons of The FA Cup

It's a competition that anything can happen in, but as questions grow every season about how important the FA Cup actually is to the bigger English teams, we take a different look at the competition as a whole and what the pros and cons of it are are...

1. Pro - Every one loves cups

Con - No one likes the FA

2. Pro - Special guest rockstar draws are exciting


Con - Grumpy boring old men draws are not


3. Pro - Lower league teams can have their big day out

Con - The status of the competition is dwindling with teams such as Newcastle and Villa, who haven't won silverware in years. now deploying weaker teams.

4. Pro - Deciding a cup tie

Con - Being back on the bench a week later


5. Pro - Shirt Swapping

Con - Smelling the swapped shirt

6. Pro - Giantkillers


Con - Buzzkillers

7. Pro - Pile ons

Con - Hard ons


8. Pro/Con - Harry won the cup

Con/Pro - Harry got relegated

9. Pro -Fernando telling the ref he needs glasses

Con - Fernando being the one who actually needs glasses


10. Pro - Being up when you're down

Con - Being down when you're up

11. Pro - Giving mascots and kids their big day out

Con - The ball boy being assaulted


12. Pro - There's a women's FA Cup too.

Con - Arsenal have won 7 of the last 10....boring.

13. Pro- "This is our year"


Con - It might actually be their year....gasp!

14. Pro - Nice Guy Roberto winning the cup

Con - Nice Guy Roberto taking the Everton job


15. Con - Stamping on players

Pro - Stamping on Chelsea players

Better Pro - Getting away with stamping on Chelsea players


16. Pro - The FA Cup is a better place now that Maureen's back...yayyy

Con - But Mario's gone.....boooo

17. Pro - Spurs are the only non-league team to have won the cup. They did so in 1901

Con - Leicester City have reached the final 4 times and have never won...


18. Pro - The weather

Con - The weather

19. Pro - Streakers...Yay

Con - Hooligans....booooo


20. Con - Playing in a dodgy stadium

Pro - Winning the cup at Wembley

21. Pro - Fans being fans

Con - Players being players


.....okay, that's a pro really ;)

22. Pro - Winning the cup 7 times as a player (twice more since this photo was taken)

Con - Only winning the 2nd division with Preston....

(community shield does not count!!!!!)

Pro - It can make dreams come through

Con - Or cause nightmares....

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