More Reasons To Nap! Research Says It's Good For You

More Reasons To Nap! Research Says It's Good For You

One of the most satisfying simple life pleasures has to be a midday nap and now as if we didn't have enough reasons to take a siesta, research shows napping is good for you.

As a student, your general sleep routine is based around how many deadlines you have. If you have an upcoming deadline then 2 hours sleep becomes the norm otherwise midday naps to keep you alert is perfectly acceptable and according to a recent study, it's good for you.

The study which was conducted by Greek scientists on 212 people concluded that a regular nap is an effective way of lowering blood pressure. Research participants each wore a blood pressure monitor, the participants who slept for one hour a day experienced an average drop of 3mm hg in blood pressure in comparison to those how didn't nap.

So if that isn't even reason to indulge in a short nap on a weekday, what is.

Here are our top three napping etiquette tips:

1. Set your phone to flight mode so your nap time is not disturbed 

There is nothing more soul destroying than being disturbed from a blissful nap. Happy friendships and relationships have dissolved as a result of disturbing a nap. Avoid this by setting your phone to flight mode so can nap without disturbance.


2. Set an alarm so you don't oversleep 

According to a 2010 Harvard study on 'The effects of napping on cognitive functioning,'  the optimal time for a nap is 45 minutes. There is the danger with midday naps of sleeping through most your day and not been able to sleep that night and consequently upsetting your whole sleeping pattern.  Make sure to set your alarm to avoid nap roulette for perfect nap etiquette. This study also found that a short snooze during the day can boost your mood and your intelligence. It's a win-win.

3. Comfort comes first, set up a comfortable napping space

Whether you prefer to retreat to your bed for a nap or your couch is comfortable enough to satisfy your napping needs make sure you have sufficient fleecy blankets and pillows to maximise comfort.

On a final note, if you do struggle with sleeping at night research has found that if you have a plan for the following day, then it can significantly improve the likelihood that you'll have a good night's sleep.

Happy napping!

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Deirdre Kelly

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