17 Reasons Working In A Hotel Is Sh*t

Ahh hotels - a place you go to relax, distress and forget about your own normal life. This is not the case however if you actually work there. Shitty pay, Long hours and pissy managers will ensure that you don't have a pleasant stay. Fake smiles, fake smiles everywhere.

1) The Ungodly Hours

Started shift at 6am ? Finish by 3am? Welcome to the hotel industry- where the only people who sleep well are the customers.

2) Service with a smile

Perfecting the fake smile will serve you well during your time in this industry.


3) "Can you get the manager?" Yes, of course Sir. *death stare*

4) People who ask 'can you do it for me?'

Whether it's staff or customers- sometimes people feel the need to ask you to do the most simple tasks just because they're to lazy.



5) Realsing that the money is not worth your sanity or what you do.

Think about how many times you've thought about quitting just because of this.

6) Smug managers trying to look good in front of their bosses



7) Seeing the food waste

Each year thousands of euros worth of food is tossed in the bin because no one ate it.


8) And it basically feels like this:


9) Sore Feet

No sitting down for large periods of time only hits you when you finally get into bed and it still feels like you're standing up.



10) Acrylic uniforms

Itchy. Oh so very itchy.




11) Last minute cancelations

Fucking your shit up every single time.

12) Repeating a mantra during a bad shift.


'I am going to quit, I am going to quit, I AM GOING TO QUIT'


13) Drinking Yourself Senseless

Ending up going on a drinking binge after a bad shift and realising that you spent half your wages in one night.


14) Constant Standing

Not getting to sit down for 8 hours straight and feeling like this:


15) Pissy chefs


You literally can't say 'Don't shoot the messenger' fast enough.


16) Having to repeat the wifi password 10 to 20 times a day

17) Rude ass guests

Most defiantly the worst part.



Therese Walsh
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Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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