Everything You Need To Know About Registering To Vote Today

Everything You Need To Know About Registering To Vote Today

With the referendum on the 8th Amendment now less than three weeks away, we have gotten to what, if I were an overly assertive manager at a low-level English football club, I would describe as 'Crunch-time, you m*****-f******'. By that I do mean that today, the 8th of May, is the last possible day to get added to the supplement to electoral register so that you may vote on the 25th. "Sweet, merciful lord," you may find yourselves saying, "But, like some sort of 'question-bladder' I am so brimming with questions I am fit to burst! Am I registered to vote? Should I be registered? Where do I register to vote? How do I register to vote? These few queries are but the very tip, the emergent nib, of the vast iceberg of inquisition that is harboured within me." Well, please, allow me to attend to your questions and answer them in a systematic and orderly manner.

Am I Registered To Vote?

This is the first question you should be asking yourself. Though your name may feature on many other government registers, for a variety of reasons that we don't have the time or the legal clearance to get into, for the purposes of this article, the one register we're talking about is our old friend the 'electoral register'. To check whether your registered to vote in the coming referendum you simply need to log onto the entirely transparently named

How To Check If I'm Registered?

You clearly haven't been paying attention at all. This is largely the same question as the above and much of the same information still applies.

How Do I Register To Vote?

If you have seen that you are not on the electoral register, then never fear, today is your last day to fix this mighty injustice, to right this wrong. You can download one of the relevant forms on the website and take it to your local garda station to have signed before transferring you and your bundle of bureaucracy to your local city or county council to be handed in.


What If I Amn't Registered?

If you aren't registered you will need to fill out the supplement to the electoral register form, otherwise known by its undeniably catchy and zingy official title, RFA2 - available to download from

Where Do I Register To Vote?

This is the second catastrophic lapse in your concentration. The house rules here are almost identical to those of professional Major League Baseball - three strikes and you're out. One more slip-up, and we're turning this car round. However, since it is such an important issue; you must get your form stamped and signed at your local garda station before delivering it to your local city or county council.

What Do I Need To Register To Vote?

Well, aside from your good self and the relevant form, you will need to bring some photographic identification.

Why Should I Register To Vote?

Because the referendum pertains to a phenomenally important issue and it is incumbent on every citizen to at inform themselves as to the arguments surrounding the abortion debate, and to have their voices heard on an issue, that will at some point directly affect either themselves or someone they are close to. Am I registered to vote? Where Do I register To Vote? How Do I Register To Vote?

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