Rejoice! Your Boyfriend Might Be Able to Take Birth Control Pills Soon

Women rejoice! There will soon be a pill for men so you can say goodbye to your havoc causing, hormone crazy pill.


So many women are on some variation of the pill. Whether they use it for birth control, or for their skin, we've all been on it at some point. And we've all felt the effects of being on the wrong pill. Mental breakdown is an understatement. But the thing is, other than condoms, there aren't any hormone free options for women to use as contraception. The coil, which is hormone free, isn't recommended for women who haven't given birth before. So, we're kind of stuck with the pill and the pressure has been put one us to find one that doesn't create too much of a hormone imbalance and make us lose our minds too much. It's a challenge.

But now, our problems could be solved! Researchers at the University of Minnesota are close to developing a hormone free male pill. “There are three receptors: alpha, beta, gamma,” Georg said. “Studies have been done in animals that have a deficiency in the alpha receptor. These animals are quite healthy and quite normal; they don't really need that receptor for anything other than sperm production. So if you could block that receptor [in humans], pharmacologically, you could induce infertility. Of course, once you stop the treatment, fertility would return normally.”


So while it might take a year or so before we have anything actually available, it's nice to know that someone out there has our back. We might just hold onto our pills for a little bit though, just in case!



Video: 5 Facts You Gotta Know About The Birth Control Pill



Isabelle Riggins

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