ROG's Mad Dash To Sexton's Wedding

For the first time in a while Ronan O'Gara's twitter feed lit up as he made the last minute decision to travel to Protegee Jonny Sexton wedding in Limerick. Turns out for a man like O'Gara who has probably had a PA handle his business for most of his adult life making the simple trip from Paris to Limerick was just too much to handle and he needed to the help of his tweeps to get him there.



Looks like ROG didn't have a clue where he was going and some fans couldn't help but take the piss




The flight was fully booked but somehow Ronan managed to get to Dublin where he ran into more trouble, seems like his internet didn't work there either, obviously didn't want to switch his data roaming on outside cork. Even O'Driscoll got involved, trolling O'Gara about his new position at Racing Metro.



A number of fans offered lifts however he did manage to grab himself a free rental car from nova car hire.




That's where the story ended, we're still waiting to see if he managed to arrive safely. No such problems for the Leinster boys however, Rob Kearney tweeted this pic of himself and the lads on route.

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