Rosie Huntington Whitely Gives 1-Minute Make Up Tutorial On Insta

The absolute megababe Rosie Huntington Whitely, a woman so beautiful that I find it hard to believe she is actually real has posted a 1 minute tutorial on her Instagram. The supermodel can be seen applying Rosie for Autograph products, her Marks and Spencer range to create a glowing, summery look.


In the tutorial, the model and lingerie designer doesn't speak but displays each item before she applies it to her angelic face. In a recent interview with Vogue, the 28 year old gave some more tips saying;


'Leave your eyebrows alone, you don't need to colour your hair with that thing you've seen on television and please always wear suncream. That's the one thing I do now every day and have for the last five years, but I really didn't before. I will be smothering my children in suncream.' 

I am honestly so tempted to drop everything and sprint to the nearest Marks and Spencer to buy each item she uses just INCASE i may see a miraculous Rosie-like effect. Could it all be this easy? *Grabs wallet and runs out of office.

College Times Staff

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