Ryanair Are Having Yet Another Damn Flash Sale

Ryanair Are Having Yet Another Damn Flash Sale

I simply don't know what to do anymore. I feel like I'm living in a very early - and thankfully discarded - draught script for the film GroundHog Day, where - instead of a weatherman who gets trapped in a blizzard and relives the same day until he lives it perfectly; it follows a disgruntled writer for a web-based publication who is forced to write a near daily report on a budget airline announcing that it is having yet another flash sale. It's clearly a far less compelling story, and it's an even less compelling reality to live.

All of which is to say that Ryanair are at it again with their interminable slew of discounted seats they seem determined to hoik our way. With the dust barely settling after the frenzy of their Black Friday week of sales, they have announced another flash sale.

At this point it begs the question, at one point does it stop being a sale? When are these just the new prices, given that for literally the past two weeks they have been discounted in some form or another and that when, if ever, they return to their normal prices we can just say that they are overcharging us?


They have 100,000 seats on offer from €9.99 for December, which are available until midnight tonight. Go. Seize this opportunity and fly my pretties. Fly.

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Rory McNab

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