Scientist Claims That In Ten Years Time We'll Have Knocked Booze On The Head

Scientist Claims That In Ten Years Time We'll Have Knocked Booze On The Head

In an interview with The International Business Times UK, Professor David Nutt claimed that the in another 20 years people won't be drinking the traditional alcoholic drinks that are popular today. He explained in the interview that 'alcosynth' will replace the alcohol we drink.

Nutt, a former government drugs advisor teaching at Imperial College, said 'alcosynth' will imitate the popular effects of alcohol, without the inevitable hangover experienced the following morning:

In another 10 or 20 years, Western societies won’t drink alcohol except on rare occasions. Alcosynth will become the preferred drink, in the same way that I can see — almost within a decade now in the Western world — tobacco and cigarettes will disappear as they’re replaced by electronic cigarettes.

It is claimed alcosynth will provide the positive benefits of booze, such as the shedding of inhibitions, without the harmful side effects. Maybe there is a God?


Just to temper these statements Professor Nutt was fired from his post as government drugs advisor in 2009 after suggesting horse riding was more dangerous than ecstasy.

Nutt's biotech firm Alcarelle is pioneering the hangover free alternative to booze and has identified a handful of synthetic substances that can be used as alcosynth. The firm hopes to sell the new drinks by the early 2020s.

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