16 Shitty Memes The Internet Should Immediately Stop Using

16 Shitty Memes The Internet Should Immediately Stop Using

Have you ever logged into Facebook only to be greeted by a barrage of radio stations from the likes of Western Samoa and Turkmenistan that you never 'liked' posting memes of Alan Garner from The Hangover? He'll typically be credited with saying something he never said in any film, and it won't be funny. 1,134,687 likes. We're doomed. It's time to abolish memes, beginning with this 16.

1) Batman slapping Robin

Violence in the workplace just cannot be tolerated.

meme 1


2) Fry from Futurama's 'Not Sure Ifs'

Not sure if I can bear even one more of these goddamn memes.


meme 17


3) Victory Baby

Nobody cares if you got an extra chicken nugget in your Happy Meal, you sad, demented idiot. Not least this baby.

meme 3

4) Ron Burgundy: Well That Escalated Quickly


The bastardisation of characters like Burgundy is where we need to draw the line. This man should never be associated with the likes of Miley Cyrus going from Hannah Montana to becoming a bald-headed pill junkie. And if she's not bald yet, she will be.

meme 4

5) The 'I Don't Always' Guy

Ironically, this beer advert character - played by Jonathan Goldsmith - is named 'The Most Interesting Man In The World.' I've sat through more interesting episodes of Ear to the Ground.

meme 5




6) The Many Faces of Zach Galifianakis

We've reached a sad point in humanity where people think of vaguely whimsical situations and use this man's face to legitimise them, sometimes in quote form.

For some reason, the fact that everyone on earth has seen every film he's been in doesn't seem to deter them from proceeding to 'like' the fake quote on Facebook, thus rewarding the shed-dwelling, like-fishing berk who made the meme in the first place with the only currency they know; internet validation.

meme 16



7) Buzz and Woody: (X), (X) everywhere

Just fill in 'x' and watch the likes roll in. And then, please, walk into the sea and just keep going.

meme 6



8) 'Y U No'


meme 7

9) Bad Luck Brian

meme 18

Brian, aka Kyle Craven, is actually grand in real life. And was a total messer in school. That's absolutely ruined this meme as far as I'm concerned.

10) Homer Disappearing Backwards Into A Hedge

meme 11


11) The Rock's conversation with some girl

meme 10

12) Kermit The Frog: 'But That's None Of My Business'

A recent addition, but arguably the most annoying. It blew up so quickly people no longer felt the need to fill in "But that's none of my business" in the bottom half.

meme 8



13) 'Stop! Stop! He's Already Dead!'

Stay tuned for our least favourite internet phrases.

meme 12

14) Condescending Wonka

To be fair, even the strongest meme advocates seem to be sick of the sight of this creep.


meme 13


15) The Evil Toddler

meme 14


16) Boromir: 'One Does Not Simply'

Rest in peace, Boromir. The internet bastards can't hurt you anymore. But you should never have walked into King's Landing, at the same time.

meme 19



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