Sh*t That Irish People Do On Holiday

So it's almost that time of year again when the Irish flock to countries far and wide for sun, sea and relaxation. The Irish are known for being friendly and hospitable people, but when they go abroad, they expect everyone to be the same. No matter how far you go though, we still make it blatantly obvious that we're tourists. Here is the shit that Irish people do on holiday.

15) Letting everyone know you have arrived safely

Whether it's a phone call to your Mam or a check-in on Facebook for your friends, we always have to let people know we arrived there safe and sound. Otherwise, everyone would just assume that your plane crashed, because the Irish still don't trust planes.

 14) Complaining about the weather

The main reason you went abroad was to get away from the shit weather in Ireland. We always complain when it's too hot "Ah no, sure this is too hot how could anyone survive in this heat".


 13) Lathering on the factor 50

The Irish are known for being as a white as a golly bar, so we do anything and everything to prevent getting sunburnt. We put so much sun cream on, but somehow we still get sunburnt.

12) Asking where all the tourist attractions are

So you decide you want to go out and explore the city on your own, yet you still have to ask everyone you meet where the tourist attractions are. The reason you go on a tour is because they know where everything is and you don't have to do the work.


 11) Dressing like a tourist

We make it really obvious that we are tourists and when we try to blend end we make it even  worse. From fanny packs to cheap sunglasses we scream "I'm a tourist".

10) Hinging on Stereotypes

The Irish are known for their casual racism, when we go abroad this is even more apparent and we fall back on the usual stereotypes . "So... You're Spanish you must be great at football",  oh yeah, because every Spanish person is naturally gifted at football.


9) Eating the same food you do at home

One of the reasons we go abroad is to taste the local cuisine, but after a couple of days we go with what we know and from then on it's a burger and chips for the rest of the holiday.

8) Asking to see the "real" part of the country

When we go on holiday we look for an authentic experience that really gives us a flavor of what the country has to offer. The only problem is that if you planned to see the "real" part of Greece you shouldn't have gone to Ios.


7) Assuming everyone speaks English

We somehow forget that not every country in the world speaks the same language. People in tourist areas usually speak English, but everyone else speaks in their native tongue. We always resort to speaking slower and louder because we think they will understand.

6)  Refusing to learn their language

It would be handy to have even a few phrases to have on your holidays, but we Irish don't have time for that and instead buy a dictionary in the airport and expect to be able to string sentences together when we get there.


 5) "Sure, you wouldn't see that in Ireland now"

Not everywhere in the world does things the exact same way we do, so we think that any customs that other countries are just bizarre. If an Irish person is in Italy and sees two men kissing when they greet, they think that everyone in Italy is gay.

4) Buying crappy souvenirs

No holiday is complete without shopping for useless crap that you would get in the pound shop back in Ireland. We insist on buying gifts for our friends, even though they will throw away after you give it to them.


3) Speaking Irish

We do have our own language so we might as well use it right. The great thing is that we literally don't have to make any sense because no one else  understands what were saying. We all know what happened in that Carlsberg add back in the day.

 2) Going to Irish Pubs

"Sure, there will be  other Irish people there", You flew half way across the world just to go to an Irish Pub. They are all around the world in fairness, but It seems that the Irish are always destined to be in the pub.

1) Doing the country proud

We have a reputation for drinking and when we go abroad, we feel the need to reaffirm it. This is usually done in the form of drinking so much that you blackout for the rest of the  holiday. The Irish are a great bunch of lads... for getting drunk.

Kenneth Fox
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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.

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