Signs You're The Mum Of The Group

The mum in the friend group has a serious amount of shit to deal with, If you do most of these things then it's probably you...

1) You're Enthusiastic About EVERYTHING

Being the mummy of the group is all about the enthusiasm. Whenever a friend says things like  I got a new job/ boyfriend/ apartment, they will be met with an excited scream of OH MY GOD that is so GREAT, I'm soooo EXCITED for you- AHHHHH!!

2) Your Hand Bag Contains Every Item Known To Man..

Your handbag has enough supplies for any situation that could possibly occur- I'm talking- food, make-up, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, 5 shades of lipstick, safety pins and a mini toothbrush...


3) You Know Your Tea

The mom of the group knows how everyone drinks their tea and can literally remember who takes half a spoon of sugar or who doesn't take milk..

4)  You're Fierce

Nobody messes with your friends- if anyone does they can expect a serious talking to. You don't want to get on this girls bad side.


5) You're Responsible For The Saturday Night Round Up

Rounding everyone up on a Saturday night can be hell. John wants to go to supermax, Eva will only to to Eddie rockers, Siobhan is sitting outside crying and Dean is shifting the face of some young one in the smokers area. It's the mum of the groups  job to get everyone in a taxi and back home.

6) Snacks Are Your Forte

Moms of the group always make sure no one else is hungry. When anyone comes over there is chocolate, Crisps and Popcorn. Hungry guests are a mom's worst enemy.  You got this shit.


7) You're In Charge Of Drunk Naps

The mum of the group always puts everyone to bed after a night out, she also puts shit-faced Siobhan in the recovery position.

8) You're A Die Hard Listener

You've heard your best friend go through every little detail of her past break up about 75 times and yet you still listen to her. As the mum of the group you are always listening to everyone else's problems because you give the best advice.


9) You Always Know The Best Words Of Encouragement

The mum of the group never loses her endearing sense of optimism. She's the one who sends you little encouraging texts and messages and says things like  "Of course you don't look fat" "You are DEFO going to pass that exam" "He's an idiot not to like you".

 10) You Get Asked To Do The Dogs Work

"Can you help me with my Drivers licence form?", "How do I do my tax back?", "Will you come with me to get an STD check?"

All questions you hear frequently.

Therese Walsh
Article written by
Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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