Signs You Are Just Not That Into Them

Dating is a tough world and when you have known the same people since you were thirteen it gets harder. So, how do you know if the guy or girl you are with isn't worth it? When do you know if you are with them just for the sake of it? It can be tricky, you like them but the spark is gone. After much research and fake stories, real names here are the Signs You Are Just Not That Into Them.

1) You treat dates as a chore

You aren't enthusiastic about date nights and when you get there you are bored. There is not much to discuss and despite having been together for a long long time you have nothing to talk about. If anything you will just fight for the whole thing.

2) You don't discuss the future

You never discuss couple holidays or if you will go to Electric Picnic together. You don't plan a future because you don't want one.


3) Don't care about anniversaries

You will meet with your girlfriend or boyfriend for the occasion for about 30 mins and leave. There is no passion behind this. You just don't give a sh*t really.

4) Don't talk about them

There is no "my boyfriend" this or "my girlfriend" that when you are out with friends. If you're not giving out about them you don't see much point in talking about them.


5) Only time you mention him/her on Instagram there is a hidden agenda

The only time you put a picture of the two of you on your Instagram was when #couplie was trending. Also, whenever you want to get a rise out of their ex, you put up pictures as if you are a match made in heaven.

6) Only meet up with her/him in certain scenarios

You only want to meet up with them when you are hungover, lonely or your friends won't go to the cinema with you.


7) You give them a list of what you want

When it is your birthday, you give them a list of things you would want because you don't think they could pick them out alone.

8) You use them as an ATM

You always borrow money off them and this isn't the worst thing if you pay them back. You don't even feel guilty about taking it anymore. You feel it is your duty as a boyfriend or girlfriend.


9) They can't go near your phone

You have got something to hide and you do not want your other half to know. You have even gone as so far as changing certain people's names in your phonebook. You don't want your man or woman no more.

10) Little daily contact

You don't contact them during the day and, quite frankly, you don't want to. You are well and truly over the honeymoon period and you just "cannot be arsed" - your words not mine.


11) You have more arguments than laughs

You fight constantly and you can't remember the last time you both had a right laugh at something. Your fights are going through a revolving door and forever being repeated.

12) You make below the belt comments

You have been together so long that you know what is going to hurt the other one. Hence, severely harsh comments flying left, right and center.


13) No physical attraction

There is nothing going on behind closed doors (physically) and you never discuss it either. You clearly don't want to be together but you won't break up.

14) Their friends know more about you than they do

You talk to their friends more than your actual boyfriend or girlfriend, leading their friends to say things about you that your partner didn't know. It's all a bit embarrassing.

15) You text/call/Whatsapp/Facebook mail/Snapchat other guys or girls

You contact other guys or girls on a regular basis. You find yourself saying "I'd love to score them" in your head. It is time you realized you don't like them anymore.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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