Sports Day: More Competitive Than The Olympics

Sports Day: More Competitive Than The Olympics

It was the biggest day of the school year. Teams would be made weeks in advance, no work would be done in the week leading up to it because of the excitement, and it was the only day of the year that you checked the weather forecast and because of the competitive nature of the day, tempers sometimes boiled over, and here are some of the reasons why that might have happened once or twice.... Or several times.... It is also important to note that it was always someone else's fault when you lost an event at sports day, never your own.

When Your Partner Fell In The Three-Legged Race

A lot of preparation goes into the three-legged race. First you have to find someone the same height as you. Once you've done that, you then work out which side each of you should be on, you make sure that the rope is securely tightened once you do decide, and you might even do a bit of practice before the race, to get the technique and timing right. But even after all of this work, your partner still manages to fall, and you try in vain to drag him or her up onto their feet while still moving towards the finishing line, before inevitably ending up on the ground next to them. Anger and frustration are the main emotions you usually felt at this point.



When Your Egg/Potato Fell Off Your Spoon

In fairness it was almost always a potato, because there'd have to be roughly 400 eggs bought for the day for all of the races that had to be ran. What this meant though is that the potatoes came in all different sizes, and it always happened that you got the biggest one which was way too big for the spoon. And when you looked closer you realised that your spoon was actually smaller than everyone else's as well. All of this meant that it was virtually impossible for you to win the race, and it was a miracle that you made it as far as you did before the potato hit the ground. And of course the winner's potato fit so well into the spoon that you could turn it upside down and it still wouldn't fall out, and you couldn't believe they could go that fast without cheating.




When Your Partner Dropped You In The Wheelbarrow Race

You did your part carrying them to the end of the track, putting you both in real contention for the race, and you even had an extremely smooth change over (but nowhere near as smooth as the guys below). But then on the home stretch, with the finish line in your sight, your team mate's sweaty palms couldn't grip your shins any more, and you went down, along with your chances of winning the race.




When Someone Dropped The Baton In The Relay

There were different times that this could happen in a race. Either you had already run your leg and were outraged that all of your hard work was for nothing, or the baton hadn't reached you yet, and you were extremely frustrated that you didn't get to run at all.



When Your Team Got Caught Out In Rounders

Nobody liked when your team was catching, so when you got to bat you wanted it to last as long as possible, and get as many points as you could to make it impossible for the other team to catch up. But of course this was never the case, and you always got caught out way quicker than expected. And of course the only reason you got caught out was because the sun was in your eyes, the wind had suddenly changed direction, and the pitcher through the ball way too hard.




When You Got Caught After Just Freeing Someone In Stuck In The Mud

When someone was caught in Stuck In The Mud, they had to stand still with the legs open, and the only way to free them was to crawl under their legs. Of course this made you vulnerable to being caught, and of course when you were caught the person who you freed would never return the favour. This was made even worse when the person you freed went on to win the game, and you were left standing there like an idiot.




When Your Sack Was Too Small In The Sack Race

Note: Please ignore all sexual innuendos in this paragraph, they were unavoidable.

The sack race was an awkward one for everyone, but at least if you had a big sack you could hold it in a comfortable position. It was always an issue when you had a small one and had to hold it around your knees, which meant you off-balance to begin with and never really had any chance of winning in the first place.





When You Got Beaten Every Year By The Ridiculously Fast Kid In The Sprint Race

Every school had that one kid who was brilliant at every sport he tried. He could run faster, jump higher and throw further than everyone else. Basically he was better than everyone at everything, and to top it all off he had all the latest gear from Lifestyle Sports.... While I had to make do with my hand me downs...



When The Keeper Let An Easy Goal In During The Penalty Shoot-Out

It was probably unfair to expect the kid who volunteered to be in goal to be this unbelievable shot-stopper who would never make a mistake, but we did, and when the kid let in an easy goal we were convinced it was intentional and they just wanted the person who took the penalty to win because they were friends or something. When in fact the only reason it happened was because the kid wasn't a professional keeper and could make mistakes like the rest of us.




When It Rained And You Were Stuck Inside Watching A Film

This ruined sports day. This was the only day of the year that you didn't want to see the TV trolley being wheeled into your classroom.



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