Pic: Is This New Squiggly Eyebrow Trend About To Take Over The World?

Pic: Is This New Squiggly Eyebrow Trend About To Take Over The World?

Going by the billions spent on advertising and the thousands of cosmetics available, the eyebrow has become the most important thing since the Pope visited Ireland. Now, the squiggly eyebrow trend looks set to take over the world, one HD brow at a time.

Promise Tamang, a beauty vlogger, was inspired to do the squiggly eyebrow after her brows were photoshopped. The vlogger, who is followed by over a million people on Instagram, is known for her wacky beautiful transformations.

Tamang revealed to PopSugar that she created the brows by using PVA glue. The PVA glue flattens the brow and she uses concealer to cover the glued down hair before drawing on the new brow.

The trend is starting to become a regular feature on Instagram as other makeup artists and vloggers practice the squiggly look on their brows. Fans of the vlogger weren't sure about the squiggly eyebrows but loved the look on singer MLMA (melovemealot) and credited her for starting the trend.

If you're not feeling brave enough to go for the full squiggle, Instabeautybyjess went for a much, eh, calmer look.


Do you think the squiggly eyebrow look will take off or fall flat?

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