'No You Hang Up' - Standoff Between New Couple Enters 12th Hour

'No You Hang Up' - Standoff Between New Couple Enters 12th Hour

Michael Ryan and his new girlfriend Sadhbh O'Donovan have been locked in a Mexican standoff situation where neither of them are willing to be the first to hang up the phone on the other.

Since the couple first got together two weeks ago there has been a distinct honeymoon phase where Mr. Ryan has avoided farting in Ms. Donovan's presence and Ms. Donovan never spending more than 5 minutes getting ready.

Last night at around 8pm GMT Ryan phoned O'Donovan after work to see how her day went. O'Donovan commended Ryan on how thoughtful it was for him to phone her and what ensued was a mushy hour long conversation on how much they 'got' each other and how they we're both mutually glad that they had met.

Trouble started brewing around 9.30 pm when the conversation was wearing thin. Ryan asked O'Donovan to hang up the phone to which she replied in a childish affected manner: 'no you hang up'. This started the 12 hour long deadlock that is still ongoing.

Both Ryan and O'Donovan have phone bills that are running into the hundreds yet neither wants to be the party to break the stalemate. In the fourth hour of the impasse it looked as if Mr. Ryan's phone might run out of battery but once he copped this he ran back to the office where he is currently charging it off of the USB port on his desktop.


O'Donovan's housemate Therese is believed to have alerted the authorities as to the saga. Speaking to College Times she revealed what the last 12 hours have been like for her:

She has me driven up the wall! I couldn't get a wink of sleep last night with her whiny little voice next door 'no you hang up, no you hang up' Jesus Christ, pass the sick bucket. Her fella is an absolute dose as well. I wouldn't mind but in a couple of weeks she'll be giving out shite about him. She's like a young one on a first date. Embarrassing.

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Eoin Lyons

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