Student Hotspot Of The Week: Warsaw

Forget everything you think you know about Poland, because you're probably wrong (unless you're actually right). Warsaw is the best city for a weekend getaway for you and your friends for tonnes of reasons: great nightlife, amazing sights, and best of all, it's all extremely cheap. You know you're curious about how the Polish live their lives, have a look!

Tourist Stuff

Even though you might think you want to avoid it, you definitely want to check out these amazing museums, parks, and sections of the city that are filled with the Polish culture and an atmosphere you'll love.

1.  Łazienki Park

One of the most beautiful places in all of Warsaw, the park is the biggest in the city. With monuments and statues dedicated to late greats like Chopin, the breathtaking beauty of the park is sure to stun you.

2. Old Town

To see what Warsaw is really like, head to the Old Town. You'll get a feel for the true culture of the city away from all the hustle and bustle of modernity. Check out the amazing buildings and narrow streets that will transport you back to simpler times.


3. Warsaw Uprising Museum

If you don't know much about Warsaw and it's role in World War II, the Uprising Museum is a perfect place to brush up on your history knowledge. You'll get a good lesson on the importance the city played during the war.


4. POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

Another great history refresher, the POLIN Museum is a great way to get to know the Polish Jews and their history way back before World War II. The museum is really interactive, too, so you won't be bored.


5. Copernicus Science Centre

Head to the science centre if you're into science or just really enjoy cool, interactive things. This centre is filled with amazing exhibits and ever-changing rooms that will keep you busy for hours.

6. Royal Castle

An amazing sight, the Royal Castle is something you've got to see while you're in Warsaw. The traditional housing for Polish monarchs throughout the century, the castle still stands in all it's beauty and regality.

7. Palace of Culture and Science

Difficult to miss at the city's centre, the Palace of Culture and Science is one of the best and most prominent views you'll get of Warsaw. Located near some killer shopping and the main underground hub of the subway, be sure to check this one out.



Going Out

No better way to take advantage of the opportunity to embrace Polish culture than to head out for a night on the town and enjoy those cheap, cheap drinks!

1. Piw Paw


2. Plan B

3. Warzawa Powisle

4. Temat Rzeka


5. Karmnik

6. Regeneracja

Grab Some Grub

Poland is pretty well known for having some amazing traditional food, so head out to some of these spots to get an authentic and delicious Polish meal that you'll be raving about for weeks.


1. Restauracja Różana

2. Atelier Amaro

3. Specjały Regionalne


4. Sheesha Lounge

5. Endorfina Foksal

6. Restauracja Oliva


7. Bierhalle


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