11 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know (Part 1)

11 Life Hacks Every College Student Should Know (Part 1)

Finding accommodation, understanding your classes and figuring out how to make sense of this whole new world of college can be daunting, to say the least. Thankfully, technology is everybody's saving grace and can make life that little bit easier.

We've managed to combine our first few life hack essentials every student should know for their first semester. Here are 11 life hacks all students should know:

1. Hair Wax

Buff those leather shoes with wax and never worry about water destroying your shoes again - the water literally slides off the wax.

2. Mouth Floss

Mouth floss is probably one of the best things you can have lying around the house. You can use it to tie your laces, as a make shift washing line to dry your clothes or to tie your hair back.


3. Paper Clip

Stuck for a battery for your remote and can't turn on the telly to watch Game Of Thrones? Fear, not, my friends, take a paper clip and pop it in where the battery goes. Watch the tutorial below for instructions:

4. An Empty Glass

Do you have trouble waking up in the morning? Set your phone alarm and pop it into an empty glass. Hey, presto! You've got yourself a mega phone of an alarm. No more hitting snooze.


5. The Microwave Trick

Need to microwave two dishes at once? Follow the example below and save bundles of time and energy:

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6. Toilet Roll Tube

Need a new speaker but have to wait until pay day? No problem. Take an empty toilet roll and cut the toilet roll to make enough space so your phone can pop in. Take some thumb tacks and pop one one on each corner of the tube to make a stand.


7. Binder Clips

Sick of all those wires hanging around all over your floor and tripping over them in the morning? Well, follow this trick. Take some binder clips and pop them on the edge of your desk or dresser. At the end of each binder clip, stick the head of the charger or cable top through the hole so it remains safely tucked away.

8. Nail Polish

Trying to remember what key is for which door, locker or drawer can be a real pain. Take some nail varnish and decorate each one. Sorted.



9. Can Tops

The tops of those empty cans are perfect to help you add more storage to your wardrobe. Simply attach the can top onto a clothes hanger. Put the next hanger through the hole of the can top so your hangers hang together and don't takr up all the room.

10. An Empty Can

There's nothing worse than moving into your new digs or apartment and finding out the wifi is rubbish. Take an empty can and scissors and follow these instructions:


11. Spaghetti

The most popular pasta in everyone's household will save you serious amounts of time. If you're struggling to reach the wick of a candle then light the end of a dried piece of spaghetti and light enough candles for a seance.

Keep an eye out for more of our life hack lists!

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