Student Survival Guide: How To Day Drink Like A Pro

So you've a three hour gap between classes, to the library right? Lol. It's no where near exam time and therefore the student bar is packed. If you're a fresher, then the closest you've come to day drinking was probably at the beach before getting a 3 in 1 and heading home. Here at we support the cause of day drinking,  and I am more than happy to share my wisdom of my trial and errors. Here is the student survival guide on how to day drink like a pro.

10) No Spirits

For the love of god stick to beer. If you wanna last more than 4 hours and still appear semi-acceptable to the general public you'd wanna keep the pints flowing. Keep in mind you're day drinking, not going out, well that's not the plan yet, just you wait until the third pint...

9) Carbs


Drinking on an empty stomach is a terrible idea in general. So with several hours of gargle ahead of you, it won't kill you (much the opposite) to get some carbs into your system. I personally recommend doing this between your 2nd - 3rd pint and give your body time to digest to decrease your chances of vomiting.

8) Think Ahead

When you've accepted the fact that you are going out tonight it's worth spending five minutes to help out your future self. Whatever you need for the morning or whatever you need for class tomorrow, do it now. Also, leave yourself out a bottle of water and two panadol, hungover you will be very thankful. 

7) No Nap Time


Have a coffee instead. Nap means end of game, and that means losing. Although it's soooo hard to do, resist the urge to go home to bed. You're already drunk, that's half the work done! Now go out into the night, and have a night not to remember.

6) Water, So Much Water

We've all woken up feeling like a crumpled paper bag, that maximises with day drinking. So keep up your hydration, think for every pint have a glass of water. It will stand to you.

5) Practise Your Sober Face


No doubt you'll be fucked by the time you head out to the club, so you're going to have to practice your sober face and speech before you even go near the bouncer. Remember there's a difference between having a sober face and a stone cold face, this sets off red flags for the bouncers and next thing you know you'll be in the queue for a late night bite to eat before falling asleep in the taxi home.

4) Music, To Keep You Going

Whether it's the latest track from mainstream music or something you'll only hear at 40th birthday parties, music is the best way to keep you buzzing throughout the day.  Especially in between the student bar and heading out.

3) Quit The Cigarettes


Cigarettes trigger our inner drunks. After a few pints you could be grand, merry in your ways, up for the bants. But after a smoke you'll find yourself feeling rather sleepy, and kind of sick. Try to stay clear if you haven't built up an intolerance for social smoking (I'm talking to you social smokers).

2) Stay Money Conscious

Don't blow all your cash. Y0ur parents will be glad you're out making friends but cannot completely support your soical life. Just remember how good it is to eat everyday and not have to walk an hour to college. Just be aware, get cans and find a green to have pre drinks in if you can't really afford to drink in the bar after the first couple of rounds.

1) Power Through No Man's Zone

This is the time between the student bar and actually going out. You were buzzing until you got into your room where lies a big fluffy cloud in the shape of a bed, the dodgy stains on your carpet have now magically transformed into inviting pillows, you could lie down just for a few minutes. That's bullshit, we both know you're going to bed. RESIST! Water! Food! Music! You'll be on your way once more!

Catherine Munnelly
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Catherine Munnelly is a colourfully-haired UCD graduate with a degree in reading books. A pint-sized bundle of wisdom, she has mastered the game of Flip-Cup, enjoys the company of bearded-men and despises rude people. When she's not writing or talking about her dog, you'll find her wandering around Europe telling folk that Leprechauns exist and Bono's her uncle.

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