Summer: What You Say v What You Do

Summer is here, most of us are free from the shackles of college and we now have enough time and freedom to do what we've said we would do all year. In the middle of the year guys and gals were already saying 'Ugh I can't wait for summer! It's gonna be so great and I'll get so much done.' We know that's BS..

1. I'm gonna eat healthy

Everybody lets themselves go a little in college. You're working hard, stressed you crave something sweet or whatever and the healthiest food isn't always cheap. So you tell yourself 'I'm going to look after myself this summer....maybe I'll do a juice cleanse' but inevitably it's the nights out with the lads that fucks you over and you fill your body with alcohol and pizza.

2. I'm going to get up early and go for runs

You will probably watch Rocky before you go to bed to get yourself pumped up for tomorrow. You'll spend an hour making a kickass playlist on your iPod but time is a motherbitch and your fitness has basically died and you do not want leave your bed. You will probably run 100meters and start crying.

3. I'm going to all the party's  


You have probably suffered from an abundance of FOMO nights because of deadlines or late night studying for upcoming exams. Now you want to take full advantage of this time and catch up on all the shananagins you missed. You say you'll not miss a single session but your laziness will get the best of you.

4. I'm gonna get myself a girlfriend/boyfriend

You're social life has deteriorated and your lovelife is non-exsistant at this point. You don't know what you want but you want a girl/boy friend. Although the months of staying in and only talk to girls from college who you have no intention of boning you have forgotten how to be charming or talk to a woman.

5. I'm going to get a job

A job is a good way to make you feel better about yourself. Responsability and money and respect and money.

You haven't even typed up a CV yet, you're not even sure what CV stands for but you need money and a job sounds safer than dealing......sssoooo this isn't going to well. Apperantly you can't get a job unless you can do stuff.


6. I'm going to travell

You are ready to set sail and venture out into the wider world or are you?

There is no bed like your bed

7. Try new things

Feeling the need to expand your mind and explore new horizons or just try that funny sounding Belgian beer that you've been eyeing up at your favourite bar.


If it ain't broke don't fix it.

8. Meet new people

What sounds like a great idea, making new friends, is also a though task.

Thing's may not go well the forsst  time or first impressions might not be one of  your strong points

9. I will go to the beach


Gonna get my tan on

Yeah you just don't go to beach. You're self conscious and sand sucks. Drop that mess.

10. I will do charity work 

This is what you tell yourself. You're going to be good and have people look upon you with admoration.

11. Maybe I'll reinvent myself


'Nah I don't need to change'

11. I'll catch up with old friends 

A friend you haven't seen or heard from in a while is interested in meeting up and you are excited. *Que flash back

You know what I probably don't have that much in common with them anymore anyway

12. I will spend more time with my grandparents 

Nah old people are gross.


I love my granny and grandad!

13. I'll go camping

Camping seems like a great idea. sleeping under the stars, getting back to nature after your month in captivity, I mean college.

But c'mon were are in Ireland and getting good weather for camping is like winning a years supply of bacon


Chris Duff

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