College Summers 2014: 18 Things To Know About A J1 In Montauk

The Long Island Railroad

Will most likely be the first point of reference when you get off the plane at JFK...provided there's no immigration or cavity searches needed...There is a shuttle train that runs from JFK to Jamaica in Queens which is where you will embark on the roughly three hour journey to Montauk.


Whether you've ever tried it or not Montauk is awash (lol) with spots for catching the surf. Ditch Plains is a local favourite where the tallest waves are to be found but you can find beginner waves at pretty much any of the beaches along the south fork.



Montauk is awash with celebrities with stars such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith and the legendary Paul Simon having homes there. It wouldn't be out of the ordinary to see the likes of Coldplay's Chris Martin and wife Gwyneth Paltrow walking into a local restaurant such as EnE or ending up dinning beside Oscar winning actress Julianne Moore (which has happened!) The locals do like to keep Montauk as a safe haven for the celebs where they can be themselves and not be bothered so just beware of that if you do happen to find your self dragging out of a Beibers leg.

The Andy Warhol Estate


The Church Estate in Montauk is where pop art supremo Andy Warhol had his Montauk getaway. Bands such as The Velvet Underground and Warhols Factory models used to hang out around here and could give you a nice evenings challenge trying to track it down.

John Lennon

Lennon's old love nest is situated on the Old Monatuk Highway, just on the beach front. A pilgrimage must for Beatles fans


The Sloppy Tuna

Formerly known as Nicks, the Sloppy Tuna is one of the most happening night spots in Montauk. From recent discussions with friends still living in the area it appears it has become more of a hang out for the beach bodies seen on the likes of Jersey if thats not your thing, just go along and laugh anyway.

Fort Pond

Pond is a bit of an understatement but there are plenty of water activities to be had in Montauk, sailing is one you can partake in on Fort Pond, it's situated right beside the local crazy golf course...YAY



There are two company's running in Montauk; Lindys and Moko Taxis. My personal favourite being Moko as they're owned and run by Irishman Mike Heather. Mike is a gent as are all of his drivers and usually give any Irish J1 students in Montauk the utmost respect.

The Point Bar and Grill


Sloppy Sundays is probably the best night of the week at The Point where owner Randy and his staff will make sure you have a night you won' great night.

Liars Saloon

This is the place you'll want to be when all the other bars are closed. It wouldn't be strange to fall out of Liars at 7 in the morning. You will meet some great local characters in Montauk and none more so than at Liars, where due to its location on the dock's brings in the sea faring think pirates with wooden legs...sort of.


The Lighthouse

Montauk is the last town on the south fork of long Island and so is the first point of reference for ships coming in from the Atlantic. It's outside of town so a bike ride or a taxi trip but well worth the climb to the top.



Obviously those of you who aren't loaded will want to earn a little bit of drinking money for the summer so there are a few places that are renowned for hiring Irish staff. The first is mostly for females as the owners rarely hire males, but The Montauk Bake Shoppe is worth a stop for any female looking for work. The local bakery with "the best coffee in town", it opens from 6am-10pm so there are plenty of shifts going. Gosman's dock is also known for hiring and the guys will have a better shot here.

East Hampton

Although Montauk has a lot you will most likely want to leave town on certain occasions. East Hampton is the main town of the township that includes Montauk and is where you'll find the local CVS pharmacy and Starbucks and celebrities who want to be seen. There are daily buses running to and from East Hampton.



No not cow tipping.....The US is built on the practice of tipping so just get used to it. 16-20% is normal so don't be wondering why the barman is ignoring you if you haven't tipped, regardless of how low your top is cut.

Shagwong Bar and Restaurant


Restaurant, bar, where all the locals go to gamble on the horses and where any J1 student will go if there a game of football that needs watching.....also, it contains the word 'shag'....shagadelic baby...

The Memory Motel

The Rolling Stones song Memory Motel is named after this motel managed by local man Artie Schneider. It's situated just across the road from The Point Bar and is one of the busiest night spots, brilliant for live music and late nights. Their long Island ice teas are off the charts, and super soaked with alcohol...


The Montauk Monster

A creatures body washed up on the beach during the summer of 2008, the only thing was that no one could really identify the species, some say its a raccoon some say it's an experiment from the Monatuk Project which is still on going...apparently. We love a good urban legend....

The Montauk Project

These were a series of 'alleged' experiments that the US government undertook based on developing warfare and time travel...and I'm going to presume aliens, even though no one else ever has. Some weird X Files type shit right here my friends. Investigate!!


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