Here's A Revolutionary Tanning Tip That Will Save You Hours Of Hassle

Here's A Revolutionary Tanning Tip That Will Save You Hours Of Hassle

Of late, there have been a few, shall we say, 'peculiar' beauty hacks roaming the internet. Do I need to discuss the many 'inventive' ways you can find a beauty blender on the go? Well, this tanning your back life hack will be a game changer.

Twitter users have been sharing one tip that will save you hours of time and it's as simple as a coat hanger and a tanning mitt.  The dreaded back area can be impossible to reach when you're scratching your back, never mind applying tan. Here's how you pull off the trick:

  1. Attach your tanning mitt to a coat hanger/ coat wire and dollop on your tanning lotion of choice.
  2. Reach behind your back and smooth the product over your skin.
  3. Look in a mirror to check that all of the tan is evenly spread over your body.

Here are some of the Twitter users who are sharing their time-saving coat hanger tip with the world:


If you don't have a coat hanger then try this body brush tip:

Who needs your best mate or boyfriend to put the brown stuff onto your back? All the women independent, and lads, put your hands up for doing fake tan by your lonesome.

H/T: The Sun

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