Tayto Have Released Two New Limited Edition Flavours - Curry Chip And Hot Wings

Tayto Have Released Two New Limited Edition Flavours - Curry Chip And Hot Wings

Here is a fact that I only discovered recently, but which I feel will serve as a suitable starting point for this article. The near ubiquitously popular crisp flavours, salt & vinegar, and cheese & onion were both first developed by Tayto. These are inarguably two of Ireland's finest inventions and - regardless of the fact that, outside the UK & Ireland, they seem to be near universally disregarded as acceptable flavour combinations - I posit that they are two of our nations finest exports.

Not content with this, already impressive, CV of pioneering crisp flavours, that benevolent misshapen heap of carbohydrates, Mr. Tayto, has been back in the lab. Over the past several months he has been striving to perfect yet more flavours of crisp. By 'he' in reference to Mr. Tayto, I am of course using it as a placeholder for 'team of food scientists employed by the corporate entity Tayto' which would be both truer to say, but far less catchy, so we will persevere with 'he'.

After several weeks, nay months, of sheer determination, commitment, and long nights spent in the lab - much to the chagrin of Ms. Tayto and their litter of baby potatoes who all feel that he's been prioritising his work above them - Mr.  Tayto has finally concocted two new flavours worthy of a limited edition release. This, surely, is the highest praise possible to bestow upon a crisp, that it will be available for mass consumption - but only for a while.

Mr. Tayto has evidently sought inspiration from the takeaways of Ireland for these two new flavours. They are the 'Tatyo Curry Chip' and the 'Tayto Hot Wings'.


If these two profoundly self-evident names have left you somewhat confused as to what the flavours might be let me explicate, both to clear the air, and to help me exceed my contractually mandated minimum word count. The first, the 'Tatyo Curry Chip' has taken, as its muse, the liquid gold obtained from chippers, oft-presented in delicate polysterene-housing: curry sauce. The second, the 'Tayto Hot Wings' are to finally bridge the gap that has for too long existed in the world of crisp between 'spice' and 'fowl', it is, to fatuously circle back round to the start, seeking to emulate the taste of hot wings.

Get them. Get them now, while you can. Get them now - in the case of the latter - while they're hot - which, thanks to a minimally invasive amount of added preservatives, they will remain for several months.

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Rory McNab

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