18 Lies All Sisters Tell Each Other

We all love our sisters, and we would never do anything to intentionally hurt them or make them feel bad. But sometimes lying to them is the only way to keep them happy/stop World War III. We grow up lying to our sisters, they're the reason we're so good at calling in sick to work. Without the constant practice, we wouldn't be the seasoned liars we are today. Thank you sisters.

1. No I do not have your MAC lipstick, lip liner and bronzer. Who do you think I am?


I'll just wait until she leaves and then I'll sneak them back into her room, be totally fine.

2. I swear I'll pay you back once I get paid.




3. Yeah that looks fine on you, can you put on my eyelashes now?


You look way too slutty in that dress, but I need my lashes put on so come on.


4. Yeah I did have your favourite t-shirt, I left it at Claire's, I'll get it later.


I actually ripped it and I'm far too scared to tell you. Maybe in five years I'll admit it.

5. I didn't even go into your room today.



Most certainly didn't raid your wardrobe and your makeup bag.

6. Mum says to give me money for the petrol you used.


I want to go out tonight and you're my only chance.


7. I didn't drink your vodka! I didn't even know you had any.


I smelled it the second you brought it into our home, silly girl.

8. He tried it on, but I said no.



The slagging wouldn't be worth it if I told you that I shifted our weird neighbour.

9. You TOLD me I could keep this jacket.


You didn't, but it just looks better on me tbh.


10. I'll deffo be home later, don't worry.


When your sister is staying in and wants you to stay in with her. Good luck gal, I'm going Coppersssssss.

11. Yeah, I'm nearly done in the bathroom.



Just give me 2 more hours, I've got contouring to do.

12. Dad said you have to clean the kitchen.


He asked me to and I'm just way too lazy, and also New Girl is on.


13. I'll replace the vodka OK? Jesus.


You'll definitely forget.

14. I don't even care that you're not here.



Trying to act cool, but you've been gone for like 3 days now and honestly I'm having a panic attack rn.

15. I don't care what we watch, really.


But I hate everything you choose. So I actually really do care. Put on my favourite show.


16. I'll tell Mum.


I'll threaten you, but I would never rat you out to that woman. We're on the same team here.




I see now that "I HATE YOU" isn't an appropriate response to you waking me up, sorry about that. Love you.

18. Don't bring home pizza, I'm on a diet.


If you come home without pizza, I will kill you. It's not breaking my diet if you buy it for me.




7 Things Only Sisters Understand (Video)

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