How Not To Be A Facebook W*nker

Since the large majority of college students are on Facebook, it might not be a bad idea to go over the questions that baffle us all about Bookface. Here are the top ten questions and rules, to help you with your Facebook etiquette.

1) Should you wish someone a happy birthday when you haven't seen them in years?

This can be a really tricky one. You haven't seen this person in about four years. Not even a random drunken encounter on a night out, nothing! In one sense, it's really nice - I mean, who doesn't feel loved when they receive a happy birthday message?! And it can be such a nice surprise when it's from someone you haven't seen in years. However, when you're the one faced with the mini-dilemma of whether or not to send, you wonder if it's too random getting in touch! I think send the message. It's not as though you actually starting a conversation with them. You're just sending them good wishes, which is a nice thing to do. So be sound!

2) Liking old photos

Haha, this is just an absolute no. Unless you're purposely trying to put an embarrassing picture of your friend back on people's news feeds. Otherwise, you just look like a creep/stalker. Not a good look. Just don't!

3) Commenting Under A Notification That Your Friend Has Become Friends With Their Crush

This can be absolutely hilarious, but be careful with your comments. Whatever about embarrassing your friend, try not to embarrass and insult the person they're trying to get with or you'll ruin your mate's chances altogether.

4) Having Over A Thousand Friends

Ok, of course some people genuinely do know over a thousand people. If you spent your summers working abroad or joined loads of college societies, I believe you. But for the most part, come on! I mean there's no way you're actually friends with half those people.

5) Liking Controversial Statuses

Unless it's something you genuinely believe in, you just look like a shit-stirrer.


6) Making Controversial Statuses

Everyone has the right to their opinion. However, it's the same rule as above...

7) Accepting Family Members

Be warned: If you're the kind of person who enjoys outrageous humour, or your friends have incriminating photos of you online... Just think about it.

8) Accepting Your Boss

Same as above. You can't exactly call in 'sick' and then have photos go up of you doing shots in Coppers.

9) Leaving Dirty Or Inappropriate Videos/Memes On Your Friend's Page

This relates back to 7 & 8. If you're going to send anything risky, do it by private mail. You never know if your friend has family or their boss on Facebook.

10) "Leaving" Group Chats

There's always the issue of looking dramatic or a bit rude if I leave this group conversation. To avoid this, just mute notifications. Simples!

Emily Keegan
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Emily is a self-confessed film freak who basically converses in movie quotes. After four short years of Media Production and Harcourt Street studies, Emily now divides her time between sunny Rathfarnham and the College Times offices, where she enjoys sharing her wisdom with you, the adoring public!

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