The 7 Best Places To Grab A Donut In Dublin

The 7 Best Places To Grab A Donut In Dublin

  1. 3FE – Grand canal st. lower

    First on our map is the coffee shop 3FE. They're already a well-established coffee house but are also getting a name for their delicious donut selection.

  2. Offbeat Donut Co. – Pearse station

    Located in Pearse DART station, these donuts are full, flavoursome and delicious. Featuring oozing cream-filled centres and quirky seasonal themes – they're sure not to disappoint.


  3. Krust – Georges St.

    Pioneering the way with the invention of the 'cronut', (half-crossaint- half donut) this bakery has a lot more to offer, featuring a great selection of classic donuts as well as pastries.


  4. Aungier Danger – Aungier St.

    The place that put donuts on the map, 'Aungier Danger' is paving the way for Dublin's donut scene. Featuring a huge inventive and mouth-watering selection including banoffee, honey foam and raspberry ripple – these guys know how to impress.


  5. The Rolling Donut – Bachelor's Walk

    The older sister of the original shop, this place is similar to Aungier Danger and its menu includes a colourful and imaginative selection of donuts. Placing an emphasis on flavour, they've become a favourite in only a short amount of time.


  6.  Eat Greek – Prospect Road, Glasnevin

    This is one of Dublin's best-kept secrets. Eat Greek serve two different types of donuts and both are exquisite.  One is covered in honey and cinnamon and the other is coated in melted Nutella. Eat them while they're still hot for an experience like none other.

  7. Dublin Doughnut Co. – 147 Deli, Parnell st

    These delicious donuts are stocked in 147 Deli and we just can't get enough. These donuts are stuffed to the brim with filling and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth for the day.

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