The Best Social Media Reaction To The 2020 Leaving Cert Results

The Best Social Media Reaction To The 2020 Leaving Cert Results

Today is such a momentous and important day in the lives of so many young Irish people. While social media is full of people telling you that your leaving cert results don't really define you, they definitely shape your third-level education so a lot of students are naturally quite emotional today. Remember that there are a lot of helpful outlets out there if your results have made you anxious for the future. Don't hesitate to reach out.

Predicted results is brand new territory for all of us. And the 2020 predicted LC threw up some strange - though not necessarily negative - results.

Of course, amid all the nervousness, there was a huge strain on the grades portal. Regardless, congrats to Katie who got 503 points!


The portal itself was a new experience for loads of us, and took some deciphering.

Of course, teh leaving cert isn't just a big day for the students. There were a lot of proud parents out there as well.

In the end of the day, the leaving cert isn't just the end of secondary school, it's the beginning of chapter for so many people. We'll give Jedward the last word on this: you're all legends.

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