25 Easy Ways To Get Fit & Healthy When You're A Broke Student

It's a Friday night and we're stuffing our faces with Dominos, a bottle of wine wedged in by our side, silently crying as we scroll through Instagram and see Kendall Jenner and GiGi Hadid looking insanely good. We all want a toned bum, flat stomach and defined cheekbones like that. Shame that it's only in our heads that we have million of dollars and our own personal trainer on hand to help. But never fear, because there are so many easy and more importantly free ways that we can keep our bodies not only in shape but also healthy. The bad news is that you might wanna put down the Pot Noodle and get your arse off the couch right after you read this...

1. Get More Sleep


The more shut-eye you get apparently lessens your chances of heart disease. As if you needed another excuse to sleep in. Plus more sleep = more energy to exercise.

2. Go Running


It's free and simple to do. Throw on a tracksuit and your earphones and go for a jog/run a few evenings a week. Hey, it's better than paying 60 quid a month to not use a treadmill in a smelly, crowded gym. If you're not into running, 30 minutes of walking every day actually does make a huge difference.


3. Download Free Fitness Apps


Like RunKeeper for your iPhone. It keeps track of your runs and walks so you know exactly how much exercise you've been doing. MyFitnessPal is another one that is fantastic for tracking your fitness.

4. Do A YouTube Workout


Maybe not your Mam's Davina McCall one, but you get the idea. There's tons of YouTube vids like Beyoncé “Move Your Body” Full Workout Routine. Me and my sister lasted EIGHT minutes on our first time attempting it. Seriously, try and get to the end of it without feeling the burn.


5. Cut Back On The Caffeine


Coffee and tea are so many people's vices, and I'm totally guilty of it too. While the odd one is obviously fine, it's just gonna give you a buzz and then leave you feeling sluggish by 3pm.

6. Have More Sex



This is a tough one I know. Who wants to have loads of sex? Well try and get through it like, it does burn a f*ck load of calories after all.

7. Drink More Water


So free. So easy. Drinking lots of water is like giving yourself a free facial. We're supposed to drink 3 litres a day to flush out toxins anyway. Drinking water helps all ailments and can also help get rid of the stubborn belly fat that we all hate. Apparently a lot of the time we're mistaking hunger for thirst so before you reach for that mars bar, down a glass of water and see how you feel.

8. Walk Your Dog



You have no excuses here. Haven't got a dog? Borrow one. Don't like dogs? ...Seriously?

9. Download Free Yoga Apps


Yoga is fantastic for the body and the soul. 5 Minute Yoga is pretty self-explanatory but so easy and quick to use for people that are "always busy." Daily Yoga is another handy one, with 300 poses and a huge variety of levels and fitness goals to choose from.

10. Dance



It's such an easy way to keep fit. Why were people so slim in the 1950s? Eh, they all danced every week! Stick on a bitta whatever you want and just go for it. Dancing with a mate is optional.

11. No More Desk-Lunches


This whole eating-lunch-at-your-desk-in-work thing is really bad. Not only do you tend to snack more because you stay sitting down, but apparently bacteria gets clogged up on and around your desk causing you to get sick more regularly. So get up and walk around - it'll stop you snacking and also is good excerise if you spend the majority of the day sitting anyway.


12. Don't Eat After 8PM


Your body won't have fully digested your food before you go to bed so not eating late has many metabolic benefits. Plus it'll cut out the late snacking. It's just better all round for you.

13. Don't Shop Hungry


A no-brainer. You'll end up buying more food than you need. And then eating it.


14. Dark Chocolate


If you have a really bad sweet tooth then swap your regular chocolaty snack for some dark chocolate. The taste takes a bit of getting used to but it is so much healthier for your body in the long run. You still shouldn't eat a whole giant bar in one sitting, but you'll at least feel less guilty if you do.

15. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize



Your skin will thank you when you're 50. I know you're broke but instead of those few drinks on one weekend buy a pot of something like Aveeno once a month instead. At 12 quid, you can't really go wrong.

16. Smile


Researchers claim that receiving a megawatt smile from a loved one creates the same brain waves as winning a large amount of money. And good feelings = less stress = a happier body. Seriously, how much freer can you get than a smile?

17. Eat Slower



The slower you eat, the better your metabolism works, and the less bloated your stomach will be. Plus you'll enjoy your meal more if you savour it and you can contemplate how broke and lazy you've really gotten too.

18. Download Free Meditating Apps


Headspace is my favourite. A healthy body is a relaxed body for sure. Headspace works by doing it for 10 minutes for 10 days at a time, a tiny commitment! You'll feel so much more chilled straightaway.



19. Use Your Local Pool/River/Sea


Okay, maybe stick to your local pool unless you wanna get some disease/stung by a jellyfish. Open swims are usually only a few euro for an hour. Get in and do a few lengths; swimming tones so many muscles in your body and if all else fails, there's usually a hot lifeguard on duty so it doesn't seem like a total waste.

20. Don't Go Hungry For Hours And Then Splurge



Try and eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner with regular enough - healthy! - snacks in between. Like nuts or a piece of fruit. If you go hungry for ages, you'll just end up eating much bigger portions than you actually need. Your body will also store so much more fat from your food if you've starved yourself which leads to weight gain.

21. Online Recipes has over 5000 recipes that are from actual students themselves so expect them to be quick, easy and cheap. Sold.


22. Play A Sport


Okay I don't mean run out and join a football team. You have a garden right? Well then, steal a football and off you go.

23. Walk Up The Stairs Instead Of Using The Lift


Do it, ya lazy shits.


24. Cycle A Bike


I'm sure you have an unused bike lying around in a shed somewhere. Instead of driving 50 metres to the nearest shop, cycle. Easy way of keeping fit? Done.

25. Drink Water And Lemon Every Morning



This is a must. It takes two seconds and costs basically nothing. Lukewarm water with a squeeze of lemon before you even eat breakfast flushes out all of the bad toxins lingering in your body and sets you up for the day.


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